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PwC Tax Insight #19/2016 Tax & Legal Update

This tax and legal update from PwC concerns the revised regulations of the Free Zone storage time limits.

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EU-ASEAN Business Council sentiment survey

This sentiment survey shows that European businesses in ASEAN overwhelmingly expect their profits to grow and their operations to expand over the medium term. The EU has previously launched Foreign Trade Agreement negotiations with Thailand and Malaysia and already has completed negotiations with Singapore and Vietnam. Recently also talks with Philippines and Indonesia were launched. These agreements will comprise building blocks for a possible future region-to-region FTA with ASEAN.

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Facilitate Immigration Policy in driving towards “Thailand 4.0”

Please see attached the presentation on Facilitating Immigration Policy in driving towards “Thailand 4.0” which was presented at the PC meeting on 17 August 2016 by K. Surong Bulakul, Vice Chair of Thai Chamber of Commerce and Chairman, The working group on Immigration (Public-Private Collaboration).

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Grant Thornton Thailand hotel survey 2016

This report provides an analysis by Grant Thornton of Thailand's annual hotel industry survey. The survey looks specifically at 4 and 5 star hotels in Thailand and was conducted in April and May 2016. A total of 66 properties took part in this research and the main questions asked related to guest demographics and occupancy rates throughout the previous year, in this case 2015, as well as each property's approach to technology and digital strategy.

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JFCCT Services forum booklet

The JFCCT held a forum on 28 April 2016 concerning service sector liberalisation, improvents on 'Doing Business', and the innovation-led economy.
The JFFCT booklet summarizes the speakers and their bio and provides vast background information on the three topics covered.

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