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Grant Thornton Thailand hotel survey 2016

This report provides an analysis by Grant Thornton of Thailand's annual hotel industry survey. The survey looks specifically at 4 and 5 star hotels in Thailand and was conducted in April and May 2016. A total of 66 properties took part in this research and the main questions asked related to guest demographics and occupancy rates throughout the previous year, in this case 2015, as well as each property's approach to technology and digital strategy.

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JFCCT Services forum booklet

The JFCCT held a forum on 28 April 2016 concerning service sector liberalisation, improvents on 'Doing Business', and the innovation-led economy.
The JFFCT booklet summarizes the speakers and their bio and provides vast background information on the three topics covered.

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Presentation breakfast powertalk by Alain Goudsmet

Together with Mentally Fit Institute, the NTCC organized an energizing breakfast powertalk on Friday 17 June with Olympic coach Alain Goudsmet and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Marleen Veldhuis. Alain Goudsmet uses his 'magic pen' to create a true coaching atmosphere, which results in a single slide with all important information and take-away messages.

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WIAL thailand

High-performing teams: possible in Thailand?

During the NTCC Chiang Mai networking event at Horizon Village, Peter Cauwelier discussed some ways of creating a high-performing team.

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Corruption leaflet

Anti-corruption operation complaint center for foreign investors leaflet

Only recently, the PACC established the Anti-Corruption Operation Complaint Center for Foreign Investors with the vision to be a “publicly accepted and trustworthy state organization so as to prevent and suppress corruption within the public sector”. Their aim is to deal with any complaints that are made against state officials or civil servants by foreign investors or stakeholders and closely work together with the Board of Investment (BOI) in order to boost its reliability. During the Anti-Corruption Operation Complaint Center Meeting on the 7th of June, which the NTCC attended, these issues were discussed in much detail.

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