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20190426 GTCC Eastern Seaboard Seminar: The challenge at the press shop of today

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Eastern Seaboard Seminar: The challenge at the press shop of today


Machines and robots that talk to each other; components whose production conditions can still be traced in detail years later; software that helps a press operator to start up a system step by step; or a "Digital Twin" which makes it possible to simulate all functions on the computer – all this is already a reality in the Smart Press Shop, Schuler's answer to the Industrial Internet of Things.


However, the future offers much more: in the fully networked press plant it will soon be possible to precisely predict potential downtimes thanks to sophisticated sensors and actuators as well as the data collected this way, and to avert these downtimes in advance. This ensures our customers' productivity, increases the quality of the manufactured parts and reduces energy requirements.


Mr. Rolf Wittlinger has been working at Schuler Group for 36 years. He had held various positions within the design department. Since 2008 he has been the Director of Services for the Schuler Group in Asia/Pacific. Additionally, Mr. Rolf Wittlinger has held the position as Director of Schuler Thailand Co., Ltd since May 2011.




Date: Friday 26th of April, 2019

Time: 16.00 - 17.30 hrs.

Venue: Bua Kwan Room, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G (map)

*Free admission for NTCC members. Limited to 30 participants only*



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