Brand Storytelling for Businesses in Thailand Webinar by the Lexicon

Brand Storytelling for Businesses in Thailand Webinar

Mr David Norcross, Managing Director, and Mr Justin St-Denis, Senior Storyteller of the Lexicon, did a fantastic job in the “Brand Storytelling for Businesses in Thailand” on 24 September 2020.

The webinar was hosted at our NTCC office within the Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok. Lexicon has shared with us how businesses can use storytelling as a tool to stand out from competitors by making their customer into a hero. Justin and David provided us with a 7-step plan of brand storytelling that you can start implementing immediately.

Brand Storytelling is an innovative way to stand out from your competitors by making your customer into a hero. More and more business is going online, but not many companies know how to build a strong presence either for their company or their personal brand. Brand Storytelling allows you to have fun while also promoting your products, people and company values.

Lexicon is an independent Digital PR Agency based in Bangkok and specializing in Brand Storytelling.

Photo from the event