FAS – Laotian K-12 education sector’s Report

Mazars Thailand has just published their recent study on FAS – Laotian K-12 Education sector. As Mazars is focused on assisting clients in the education sector of the CLMVT region, we have recently done a study on K-12 education in Laos. In our study, we found that there is significant scope for infrastructural and operational […]

NTCC Industry 4.0 Series Webinar: Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin

NTCC Industry 4.0 Series Webinar: Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin was successfully organised on August 21, 2020. This sharing session emphasised on how leading companies are using this core technology of the Industry 4.0 revolution to gain new foresight that has previously not been available to decision-makers.

Webinar: Government’s Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) program

Thai government’s Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) program webinar was successfully organized on Monday 17 August, 2020. Our speaker, Khun Prin Pathanatham, Executive Assistant Manager from Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok​, was recognized as an ASQ guest speaker and trainer for key Ministry of Public Health seminars guiding both the government and private sectors in managing the ASQ program around Thailand.

NTCC Industry 4.0 series webinar: IIoT & AR for the manufacturing

NTCC Industry 4.0 series webinar: IIoT and Augmented Reality for manufacturing was successfully organized on August 18, 2020, with the great support from our two speakers; Mr. Frank van Baal ​and Mr. Rik van der Meijden, founding managers at ZI-ARGUS​, one of the leading independent Industrial Solutions providers in Asia. Mr. Frank and Mr. Rik had lifted a tip of the vail and enter into an interactive discussion on this interesting topic.

Impacts on Cashflow & Business Valuation Webinar

NTCC webinar, in close cooperation with Mazars (Thailand) Ltd., “Impacts on Cashflow & Business Valuation” was successfully organized on July 23, 2020.  Our respected speaker, Mr. Prasen Chakraborty, Head of Financial Advisory Services from Mazars (Thailand) Ltd. has shared some insightful information on cashflow and business valuation during    COVID-19. For those would like to review […]

Grant Thorton: Thailand’s Immigration Dilemma

Thailand’s visa rules create major inconveniences for certain categories of foreigners. As a provider of Thai business advisory services, we explore these issues and suggest ways to fix the situation.

NTCC Webinar – People or Cash: Which is the bigger asset?

NTCC Webinar – People or Cash: Which is the bigger asset? was successfully organized on June 25, with the great support from our two speakers; Mr. Achin Malik, Managing Director, TMF Thailand Mr. Kristoffer Paludan, Regional Director, Michael Page Thailand, and most importantly our NTCC and partner chambers’ audience!

OREO Online Learning: KIS’s Approach for Effective Remote Learning

Introduction to the OREO Concept As children are now learning from home, parents are struggling to understand how the remote learning models can work effectively. KIS put together the O.R.E.O. model, which covers main concepts of remote learning for teachers, parents and students. This model was initially created for our Secondary School by Alison Yang, […]

Mazars Financial Advisory: Thai Education Sector

This publication provides an overview of the Thai education sector, highlighting recent trends, key issues and metrics, challenges, and opportunities in this area that investors should be aware of. This will also help investors to mitigate risk and to assist them with making a better decision on the investment in this sector. Download the report […]