Frans Kirpestein (27), Dutch National, is looking for international career opportunity.

I consider myself to be a someone with a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn about new sectors and topics. I’m a good networker, and have and entrepreneurial mindset. I have always been internationally oriented. I have lived abroad multiple times, I’m well-traveled, and I truly enjoy familiarizing myself with different cultures and places. I am sustainability oriented, and have a strong affinity with the field of green technology and renewable energy.

In my bachelor I studied the political economy of the East Asian region, which helped me learn about the political dynamics of the Asian region in the international context. I chose to specialize on the Asian region, as it is a region that is becoming more important politically and shows strong economic development. During my bachelor, I enrolled in a minor discussing the the geo-resources for the future, I participated in a consultancy project focused on sustainable finance for the Worldwide Fund of Nature, and I wrote my thesis on the future role of geothermal energy in the Japanese energy mix.

It was during my bachelor, that I developed an affinity with the field of environmental sciences, informed by a sparked interest in environmental issues; climate change, pollution, biodiversity, resource scarcity and, their solutions; decarbonization, the energy transition, circular economy, waste management. I have aimed to combine politics, economics, and my newfound affinity with sustainability ever since.

To further develop my knowledge, I enrolled in the 2-year joint master program Industrial Ecology, at the University of Technology Delft, in which I studied the interplay of technical, political, social, and economic dimensions associated with sustainable developments from a systems-thinking perspective. Courses focused on issues including but not limited to circular supply chain management, renewable energy systems, circular economy, and socio-technical systems. For one of my research projects, I studied the best way to reduce the environmental impact of a companies’ business model, with a specific focus on alternative plastic packaging. My master thesis, focused on mapping the implications of hydrogen for the roles of Dutch seaports in the Netherlands.

Currently, I’m fulfilling a position as graduate intern at the Dutch embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Here, I am conducting a market scan on the opportunities for the emerging hydrogen and bio-economy. Additionally, I am part of the team organizing the Dutch trade mission to IGEM, one of the prominent green technology exhibitions in the region. Finally, I’m also supporting the embassy on waste management and climate change issues.

I have gained some experience with Python, during my stay at Copenhagen University (Social Data Science), as well as in two courses within my master program. Additionally, I have gained experience with MFA (Material Flow Analysis). Furthermore, I have experience with applying QGIS (geo-spatial data analysis), and have basic knowledge on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). While there remains a lot to learn on each of these applications, I can guarantee a steep learning curve in utilizing these tools for projects as each of these tools are familiar to me.

I am keen to pursue an international career, and I hope this letter may have sparked your interest to consider me for a position at you organization. For more information I would like to invite you to take a look at my CV.


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