Hospitality Restructuring BEYOND COVID 19

Faced with the impact of COVID19 on the hospitality industry we now look at ways to mitigate this immediate crisis and create safeguards for the future.

Beacon Sky Hospitality has designed a three-phase business model designed to RESTRUCTURE current organizations using OUTSOURCED multidisciplinary teams both operationally and financially.

Our services are geared towards assisting asset owners and operators to restructure, and secondly as a professional consultancy firm to assist banks, accounting and auditing firms to implement required changes to underwrite any new proposals; which may include debt restructuring or potential insolvencies.

The main focus is to offer outsourced services for key departments in order to substantially reduce operating expenses. (Executive Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Human Resources)

A presentation detailing the phases of our services is attached aswell as an overall corporate profile at:

For further information on our restructuring modules, please contact us at 0848794105/ 0818915494.