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Dutch lawyer looking for new carer opportunities in Bangkok

"Dear employers, I am a 25 year old Dutch lawyer, specialized in fiscal, financial and corporate law and looking for new career opportunities in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite having experience in legal services in particular, I am also keen on exploring different business areas.  Please, feel free to contact me through Linkedin Fun fact: Currently, I am developing my own wedding and event planner business on the side."

Experienced IT Manager is looking for new employment opportunities to further enhance his career and experience.

I am a 52 year old IT Manager with over 30 years of IT experience whereof 18 years in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Besides hands on experience in computers, networking, PABX, CCTV , GPS and Proximity Card Systems I also have experience in first and second line support, systems administration, technical management and project management. I can also advice you regarding IT Business Security as well as Business Security in general.

Experienced Finance & Commerce Specialist

Has succesfully held positions at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Rocket Internet and Food Panda.

Me, a M.A. Candidate in Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen is looking for an entry opportunity in Bangkok.

My name is Maik and I will graduate this August from a Top-Tier University in Switzerland. I am looking for opportunities as a Junior Consultant, Analyst or Business Developer. In me, you will gain the value of an international, collaborative perspective, clear and critical thinking, keen analytical insights, and tireless dedication to the short- and long-range success of my team and organization. I am certain that the foundation exists for a fruitful partnership. I would be happy to be considered by your company's open vacancies, and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about a possible position at your company.

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Professional International Management MSc Graduate from Chulalongkorn University looking for Management or other related business professions.

My name is Yalan Wang. My persistent pursuit for both academic and practical experiences in business management and administration begins with my intense interest in management and thus chose Business Administration (Finance) as my major for bachelor's degree at Hong Kong Baptist University without any hesitation. After graduation, the experience of working abroad in Yangon, Myanmar as a business development manager in the largest state-owned enterprise of Yunnan Province, China, fully exposed myself to the business management philosophies of large-scale enterprise, and the extensive understanding about that besides a willing heart, it also requires all-round competences including proficient knowledge of management and practical executive abilities to ensure the long-term development. This experience strengthened my determination to pursue further study for master's degree in professional International Business Management at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand to equip myself with multi-disciplinary knowledge, analytical ability, information processing proficiency, management skills as well as to enable me to excel in the management profession and other related business professions.

Pragmatic generalist looking for opportunities in Thailand [project management; operational management; business development]

I am a highly result driven, social, and autonomous generalist  with very strong organizational and operational qualities as well as excellent communication and intercultural skills. 

I am looking for a broad role at an SME to work on achieving a tangible goal, such as setting up a project, developing a concept or launching a market entry.

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