My name is Julie Krieger and I am ready to get my hands on a new opportunity.

I am a young Dutch national who just graduated from one of the top Business schools of the Netherlands. My career started at IVA Driebergen Intermediate Vocational Education, which I entered focussing on the Nautical Business Management.

I managed to graduate five years later with a bachelor in Business Management Higher Vocational Education. During my studies I have come to learn a lot about myself. When describing my characteristics I would say I have good integrity, I work hard with a hands-on mentality and most importantly I am very dedicated, which gave me the basics for my skills today. I developed a high affinity for hospitality and tourism, but I am also more than interested in new sectors! 

The knowledge I gained during studying gives me a lot of flexibility in the terms of job function. Personally, I am mostly interested in functions related to sales, marketing, HR and customer service. I am open to work and/or just a good conversation regarding opportunities!

Contact Info:
Tel: +31 6 3124 7574