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Kickstarting your business in a new country can be a challenge. What better way to dive-in than collaborating with companies and peers from your own industry? The NTCC offers unique industry platforms focused on business sectors. Each industry group organizes various knowledge-sharing events (both specific-to and cross-sector) and connect further to support each other in their endeavours. Check out which industry group you’d be interested in participating in. Everyone is welcome in any industry group!

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The manufacturing sector is one of the key fuels of the Thai economy. With the country’s recent focus on Industry 4.0 and the shift to value-added manufacturing, the sector is definitely one of those to watch. You may be surprised to find out that a number of Dutch, international, and Thai manufacturing companies are spearheading the industry; from electric vehicles, garments, agricultural machinery, automotive, integrated circuits, medical, aerospace, biochemicals, consumer products, oil & gas, and more. Subscribe to the NTCC Manufacturing group to stay connected to peer group members and the latest happenings of the industry.


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