Join Mazars' Annual Flagship Conference

Leaders of international companies are confronted with growing scrutiny from tax authorities, investors, and other stakeholders. Many feel they are held to higher standards of accountability. As a result, tax transparency is rising to the top of the agenda in international taxation.

 Mazars supports clients who believe that taxation should no longer be seen as an operating cost, but rather as an investment into the community in which they operate.

Set for change: tax transparency, a way towards sustainability

A virtual interactive event made of 4 sessions.
  • 2 November at 12-14:00 CET 
  • 4 November at 12-14:00 CET
  • 9 November at 12-14:00 CET
  • 10 November at 12-14:00 CET

Leaders from corporations, NGOs, institutions and Mazars’ professionals from all over the world will share their insights on how international companies can embrace sustainable taxation. You will be able to interact with the speakers and participants through dedicated one-to-one networking sessions.