Work and Live in Thailand

Work permit and visa applications/renewals for foreigners always involve a lot of administrative work. It is also complex as the rules and regulations are often changing.

ATa Services helps individuals, auto-entrepreneurs, and companies wishing to station their staff in Thailand with the tedious task of getting their work permit and visa



Digital Nomads and people wishing to get a foot in Thailand



Auto-entrepreneurs or people wishing to create a business in Thailand



Established companies wishing to do business in Thailand at minimal cost

Visa Non-Immigrant B

A Business Visa (also called Work Visa, Non-B Visa, Non-Immigrant B Visa) grants an alien or foreign national the right to conduct business activities, attend a meeting, investigate business opportunities. This does not allow you to involve in gainful employment, but it is one of the required visa to apply for a Work Permit.

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Work Permit

A Work permit grants a person the right to take up employment. A Work permit contains details of the kind of work that the foreigner is permitted to carry out in the country. Some of these details may include his role in the firm, the name, and the location of the firm where he is permitted to work. Thai Work Permits become effective from the date of issuance and are valid for a year.

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Sponsored Visa/Work Permit

ATa Services provides HR outsourcing and Payroll outsourcing services for other companies. In other words, they incorporate the outsourcing of payroll, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance by hiring your employees in Thailand on your behalf.

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