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Stefan van der Sluys


Dear visitors,

We are living in a time where innovations are happening non-stop around us!

When we think about innovations in today's world, our minds tends to think in the direction of high-tech software technologies. Yet, this sector only covers a part of all innovations, big or small, relatively simple or complicated. All such innovations can potentially touch and influence the lives of many communities.

Our country of residence, Thailand, is quickly establishing itself as a powerhouse base for agricultural sector innovations, which includes food products. With 40% of the population involved in the agriculture industry, it is necessary that knowledge further advances and the country surpasses this and also offers more common innovative services to tourism. An increasing number of young Thai start-ups are jumping on this opportunity to supply special applications and technologies that support farmers, hotels or tour operators with their businesses. This allows them to offer more value added products and services, which fits well within the Thai Government 4.0 policy.

The Netherlands is well known for a high global ranking and its companies allocating and spending high amounts of their budgets to Research and Development. This is a key driver for more innovation, patents and smart solutions. Thailand regretfully lacks in terms of number of patent requests and more protection is needed to secure those breakthrough innovations in agri, healthcare or other sectors so they can take full advantage.


We look forward to welcoming you at any of upcoming NTCC events and wish you good business opportunities in 2018.

Best regards,

Stefan van der Sluys, President


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