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In case you are looking for a job placement in Thailand or have a new position opening at our member’s companies, you may contact our team and, of course, see this page, for the HR facility.  NTCC provides the job announcement platform and job vacancies to our audience.

Job Vacancies

Thai Freeze Dry Co., Ltd. is looking for an HR Manager

Thai Freeze Dry Co., Ltd. is looking for an HR Manager, based in Lamphun, who can promote corporate values and enable business success through human resources management, including job design, recruitment, performance management, training & development, employment cycle changes, talent management, administration and facilities management services.

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Job Applications

Roger Bisschoff

Roger Bisschoff is an Accomplished and prolific professional with extensive sales experience, leading and directing full spectrum of  sales management

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Maaike Breij

Maaike is a highly skilled Merchandise Concept Manager with experience in developing profitable concepts by analyzing global and local market

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Stanisław Brinkman

Stanisław Brinkman is a third year international business (BA) student, with specialization in Marketing. He has an international background and

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