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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the NTCC’s second largest hub offering a vibrant yet alternative business community in the North. Many may not know that the international community and Dutch entrepreneurs have been doing business here for decades; both with large and smaller establishments from global brands, key manufacturing hubs, R&D centres, social enterprises, tourism SMEs, to restaurants.

“Chiang Mai Connect by NTCC” is one of the most active platforms connecting international businesses with local Thai business groups in the Northern region of Thailand.

The NTCC leads the organization of “Chiang Mai Connect” activities through networking and educational events in joint collaboration with our partners.

The aim is to enhance business synergies and provide a bridge between the local and international business communities. Chiang Mai Connect connects all business communities with existing networks; new start-up groups, with both local and international companies from various industries like Tourism, Agriculture, Food, Manufacturing, IT, Sustainability, Social Enterprise, Real Estate, among others.

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