Job Applications

NTCC is offering a platform, on which this page you will find the CV of those who are looking for a job opportunity.

Maaike Breji

Maaike Breij, Dutch National, 3.5 years of working experience in Thailand. Looking for a new career opportunity as Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Customer Relationship Manager,

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Maylin Beerens

Maylin Beerens, Dutch, is looking for an exciting job opportunity in Bangkok. I’m an enthusiastic young professional with 2+ years of experience. After completing my

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Marjolein Boode

Majolein Boode, Dutch, is looking for a job either part-time or full-time. She expertises in the area of business development, project management, stakeholder management. Positive

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Hans Draaisma

Hans Draaisma, Dutch gentleman based in Bangkok, is looking for a job opportunity. I am excited to start a new opportunity. I have a lot

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Tim Benders

Tim Benders, Dutch student, is looking for a 6-months internship in Thailand. The internship must be in the technical context.  Mijn naam is Tim Benders

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