At present, Anne Jan is a third-year International Business student pursuing his
degree at Hanze University. He comes from a family of Korean and Dutch descent, and
they take an active role in supporting adopted Koreans in the Netherlands. Additionally,
Anne Jan is actively involved in providing support to Korean exchange students in Groningen.

Anne Jan’s objective for this internship is to gain hands-on experience that complements the
theoretical knowledge he has obtained in his academic pursuit. Specifically, he aims to
broaden his understanding of the onboarding process, market research, and the
development of corporate strategies.

Currently, Anne Jan is actively seeking an overseas internship in the fields of Business
Development, Supply Chain Management (procurement, product development, supply
chain-related activities), or Human Resources (Onboarding, recruitment, or HR-related
activities) from the 1st of September onwards. The main learning goal is to engage in specific projects, tasks, and activities in an
international environment over a period of 5-6 months (equivalent to 800 hours).

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Phone: +31 6 42321699

Email: [email protected]

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