AviusULD has officially launched as the Cargo activities wing of Cabin & Cargo Equipment Group (‘CCE Group’), a new company founded to oversee the Cabin and Cargo activities that Hivest Capital Partners has acquired from Safran.  

Klaus Hofmann has been named as CEO of both AviusULD and CCE Group. Hofmann, who was previously the Vice President of Safran Cabin Cargo, was appointed to ensure continuity for existing clients and to lead with a vision for the future.  

“Our clients can rest assured that they will get the same level of quality service that they have come to expect from Safran,” said Hofmann. “Plus, we will now have increased freedom to create more cutting-edge products and provide even more agile solutions for both existing and future clients alike.” 

AviusULD, which employs more than 350 staff members globally, will continue manufacturing and distributing Unit Load Devices or ‘ULDs’ (lower-deck/main-deck containers and pallets), which are used to transport air freight. With more than 700,000 ULDs sold since its original inception, including the renowned Class-D fire-resistant containers, AviusULD immediately establishes itself as a main global player in this market.

The offices in Alkmaar, the Netherlands will remain the company’s headquarters, while manufacturing activities will continue out of the EASA-certified facility in Bangkok, Thailand.

As part of the launch, AviusULD has also created a new logo, brand book, and website at AviusULD.com.

“This is an exciting time for us as a company and for the entire cargo industry,” added Hofmann. “This transition presents a tremendous opportunity for us to work with our customers and partners around the world to push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry and drive innovation to new heights.”

In addition to overseeing the activities of AviusULD, CCE Group will also be the parent company to ‘Driessen’, the new brand established to manage the Catering activity, which manufactures and supplies trolleys, containers, and other catering equipment for airlines and rail companies.


To find out more about AviusULD, please visit their website here: https://www.aviusuld.com/

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