Bangkok, 21 April 2023. In the presence of it’s members and representatives from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand, on the 19th of April, the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce received, as the first NL Business Hub in the world, NLinBusines’s re-accreditation. The NTCC is the place to start for Dutch companies looking to expand their businesses into Thailand, providing a solid business network to its members to facilitate a soft landing.


Important Trade Partner in Thailand

Rob Hurenkamp, President of the NTCC, stated:

“We are deeply honored by our re-accreditation as an NL Business Hub by NLinBusiness. This is a recognition of our successful effort to service our members, Dutch companies looking to enter Thailand, and Thai companies looking to expand into the Netherlands. NLinBusiness’s accreditation gives us the opportunity to identify Dutch companies that want to expand into Thailand at an early stage. We can support them with advice and action to ensure their business in Thailand runs smoothly and makes profit as soon as possible.”

The NL Business Hub in Thailand, Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC), collaborates with the Dutch embassy in Thailand. According to Edo Offerhaus, General Manager at NLinBusiness, the NTCC is an important NL Business Hub with a lot of opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs with worldwide ambitions. “Thailand has a big market and plays a key role in exports to South-East Asia. This offers a lot of opportunities to Dutch entrepreneurs with international ambitions. By connecting entrepreneurs via the NL Business Hub with Dutch entrepreneurs who have preceded them and reliable local service providers, doing business in Thailand becomes a lot more accessible. I want to wholeheartedly congratulate the whole NTCC team for reaching this important milestone.”

Hans van den Born, Executive Director of the NTCC added, “The re-accreditation label from NLinBusiness is a huge boost for our entire NL Business Hub Thailand community, especially for the NTCC executive team, the voluntary board members, and all active members who over the years selflessly shared their expertise with fellow entrepreneurs and helped them with their  plans for internationalization. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all colleagues within the global NL Business Hub network and other partners like the Dutch Embassy and Thai governmental agencies for their continuous support of our ever-growing NTCC business community. We are confident that this will help us connect with more Dutch companies and support us in our mission to assist them.”


“The Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce is the place for Dutch Entrepreneurs.”

The NTCC’s goal also encompasses the creation of a business network to better represent the Dutch business community in Thailand. To this end, the NTCC is involved in individual services, business matchmaking and the organization of webinars and networking events.

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