Serious Gaming: Fun while solving serious challenge webinar

Is it possible to face the challenges of today while keeping track of the developments of tomorrow?

Serious games can be distinguished from regular games by their purpose. Where, regular games are developed primarily for fun and recreation, the main goals of a serious game are to learn and generate changes in behaviour. On October 29, 2020, our expert speaker Nicolien Hendrickx, has shown the variety of possibilities gaming has to offer to the logistics & transportation sector by zooming into some practical logistics games developed by TNO often together with one or more partners.


Our Speaker

Ms. Nicolien Hendrickx, Senior Business Development Manager Logistics of TNO

Nicolien’s drive is to connect people in order to make impact. As a Senior Business Development Manager Logistics, Nicolien develops strategic relations within logistics industry in public/private partnerships to collaboratively work towards a seamless adaptive connected and sustainable logistics network. She has a broad experience in logistics innovation as a consultant and as program manager at several organizations (DB Schenker, Royal FloraHolland, TKI Dinalog etc.)

Within TNO, Nicolien steers the agenda of the logistics innovation roadmap from a market perspective and collaborate with Port Authorities, Logistics service providers, Shippers, terminals, (air) ports, (regional) governments, road authorities etc.

As a facilitator Nicolien assists organizations in the change / transition process and trains people in that area. Relations Work, her recently started company, helps organizations to get the most out of their people and network to reach their goals. This can be in the role of program manager, facilitator or coach.

About Nicolien: I love to travel and combine that with wine tastings. I relax riding my own horse.

For those who missed the webinar, below is the video recording!